Who are you?

Colour Surge Media is in the business of storytelling. Sure, we work with video, but the purpose is telling your story to your audience, conveying a feeling, an emotion, enhancing an experience. Video is about communication, and we're here to help you connect.

We are an agile, flexible microbusiness, perfectly sized for small jobs, but able to call upon the skills of a network of local and national contacts should the project require. Whether your idea is monumental or modest, we can supply what is needed to make it a reality.

By choosing Colour Surge Media, you'll be working with a company that's passionate about technical excellence and making your money go further, being experienced at maximising quality while keeping costs low - making affordable video within your means, without sacrificing quality.

Thomas McIntosh

Name: Thomas McIntosh
Position: Owner
Skills: Producing, Directing, Camerawork, Editing, DVD production
Likes: Films, dancing, cooking, gaming

I started Colour Surge Media in 2006, and have eight years' experience in video media, during which I have worked on close to one hundred productions. I also freelance out to other media companies on occasion, and I have edited two projects that were broadcast internationally.

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