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If there's one thing parents love more than watching their kids perform their hearts out on stage, it's capturing those moments to watch and rewatch time and again.

But as an organisation, it's difficult to satisfy that demand. Often with all the thousands of things to organise when putting on a show, this task is passed to someone's friend who has a videocamera, an enthusiastic amateur who produces results little better than the enterprising parents who bring along their own solutions. And of course, if you leave it to the parents themselves, you won't be getting any money from the sale of DVDs (not to mention that they'll be breaking the law by recording copyright music without a licence!).

Enter Colour Surge Media. We provide a high quality professional DVD production, at a range of affordable prices. We always organise the appropriate MCPS and PPL music licences, and will provide a preview copy of your production, to help pinpoint any edits that you require. We can even edit together a web highlights video, which you can then embed on your website or on social networking pages.

So, how much will it cost? Well, that depends on three key factors - how many performances you have, the running time, and whether you want single or dual camera recording. Of course, to do full justice to a lavish production, two cameras are important, but they do add to the price, especially at low order numbers. Additionally there are other options, such as full colour DVD face designs, DVD cases and jackets and so on, all of which will add to the price per disc.

To give you an idea, here are some example packages with guide prices:

Package A - 15.00 per DVD

Package B - 20.00 per DVD (pair)

These figures include everything: preparation & planning, learning the show at the rehearsal, video recording in HD, editing, a preview copy for feedback, extra editing time for changes, DVD menu design, music licensing charges and high quality DVD-R media**. So all you'll pay is the per-DVD cost (less a 25% booking charge).

Of course, these are example quotes - your requirements will be individual, and there are several optional upgrades to choose from, including colour printed DVD faces and a highlights video to put on Youtube and embed on your website. So why not get in contact today, for a customised quote for your show, and find the perfect DVD production for you.

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* = Performances are combined and edited down to a single performance on the DVD. If multiple versions of the DVD with different performances are required, this will incur additional costs.

† = Dual camera means one operated and one fixed videocamera.

** = Discs used are either Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R (see and or Falcon DVD-R (see While these discs have excellent compatibility with most DVD systems, like all duplicated DVDs they cannot be guaranteed to work on all players.